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Welcome to Wellness

Your Journey Starts Here

Transforming Health into Wellness: Healthy You is not just an app—it’s your personal health revolution. With a mission to democratize wellness, we offer a unique blend of medical, fitness, and nutritional guidance tailored just for you.

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Welcome to Wellness

Why Choose Us

Dive into a healthier life with Healthy You—where your wellness journey is personalized, integrated, and accessible.


Your health journey is unique. We get it. That’s why our platform adapts to your goals and needs, offering custom health plans that truly fit.

Comprehensive Care

Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps for your health needs. From doctor consultations to fitness and meal plans, Healthy You brings it all together in one seamless experience.

Ease and Access

Health advice should be easy to get and easy to understand. With Healthy You, expert guidance is just a tap away, making wellness achievable for everyone.

Unlock Your Health Potential

Services Tailored for You

Healthy You is your partner in health and wellness, offering a wide range of services designed to fit your unique health journey. Explore our core features:

Primary Care 365
  • Tell A Doc: Instantly message a healthcare professional with your health concerns for quick advice, anytime, anywhere.
  • See a Doc: Easily schedule virtual or in-person appointments with primary care physicians for comprehensive examinations and follow-ups.

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Specialist Care 365
  • Disease Management: Access resources and personalized support for managing chronic conditions, improving your health day by day.
  • Specialist Directory: Find and connect with medical specialists for expert care tailored to your specific health needs.

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Fitness Mentor 365
  • Find a Fitness Coach: Partner with a personal trainer or fitness coach who will guide you based on your individual fitness level and goals.
  • Programs Based on Objective Profiling: Receive fitness programs crafted to meet your specific objectives, whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or enhancing cardiovascular health.

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Meal Plans & Recipes
  • Find a Meal Plan: Discover nutritional plans designed for your dietary goals, from weight loss to managing health conditions, or maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Recipes Book: Enjoy a collection of healthy recipes that fit your personalized meal plan, making healthy eating simple and delicious.

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Easy Health Access

How Healthy You Works

Discover how straightforward it is to start your health journey with Healthy You. Follow these simple steps to access our comprehensive services through the USSD channel

Dial the USSD Code

Start by dialing *380*500# on your MTN/Vodafone/AT phone.

Main Menu

You’ll be greeted with the main menu, offering various options such as Talk to a Doctor, Talk to a Specialist, Talk to a Fitness Coach, and more.

Select Your Service

Choose the service you require by entering the corresponding number. Whether it’s a doctor, specialist, or fitness coach, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Your Expert

Depending on your selection, you’ll then choose the type of professional you need advice from, like a General Practitioner, Dermatologist, or personal fitness coach.

Confirm Your Payment

Securely confirm your consultation through Mobile Money by entering your PIN.

Appointment Scheduling

A call center agent will contact you to finalize your appointment based on availability.

Receive Confirmation

You’ll get a confirmation message with your appointment details, including date, time, and instructions.


At the scheduled time, your chosen professional will call you for a comprehensive consultation.

Why Healthy You?

Discover the Benefits

Personalized Care Plans

Your health journey is unique. That’s why we offer care plans designed specifically for you, taking into account your health goals and needs.

Access to a Wide Range of Specialists

No matter your health concern, our extensive network of specialists is at your disposal, from dietitians to cardiologists and beyond.

Comprehensive Disease Management:

Managing chronic conditions is easier with our targeted support and resources, helping you live a fuller, healthier life.

Customized Fitness and Nutrition

Achieve your wellness goals with personalized fitness programs and meal plans that cater to your preferences and requirements.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Access health services anytime, anywhere, through our simple USSD channel. Health support is just a few clicks away.

Empowerment to Take Charge of Your Health

With Healthy You, you gain the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

Unlock Your Health Potential: Services Tailored for You

Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you with Healthy You. Our platform offers you a comprehensive suite of health services tailored to your individual needs. From immediate access to healthcare professionals to personalized fitness and nutrition plans, we’re here to support every aspect of your well-being.

Don’t wait to make your health a priority. Dial *380*500# now to get started or learn more about how Healthy You can change the way you think about wellness.
Whether you’re seeking to manage a chronic condition, improve your fitness, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, Healthy You is your partner in health, every step of the way.
With Healthy You, a healthier lifestyle is just a few clicks away. Let us be your guide to better health.

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